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Rick Vitali

About Vitali Family Karate in Lexington, SC

Meet Rick Vitali

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Vitali Family Karate in Lexington
5th degree Black Belt

At Vitali Family Karate we are dedicated to helping parents! Through both family classes and adult classes, we help create an environment that is completely supportive of developing life skills, physical abilities, and emotional growth through martial arts. This is what we call, the Vitali Family Difference.

We are dedicated to enhancing our community by helping to support children and their families with Stranger Awareness, Saying No to Drugs Seminars, and developing all around good moral character.

The focus is always on FAMILY. It doesn’t matter if you want training for yourself, simply want to get fit, or are looking for a positive new outlet for your child’s wonderful energy – what we teach at Vitali Family Karate doesn’t just stay in our classes, it goes home with you and your family.

What you learn with us not only represents our school, but, it also becomes a part of how you represent yourself. So, we make sure the lessons are high quality, enriching, and delivered in a positive way.

Students find that they start to do better in all areas of their lives, and get so hooked that they just can’t wait to share all of their fun new moves with family and friends! Boosted confidence, better discipline, and respect are fostered in class too.

These positive benefits often spill over into:

  • Improved Grades in School
  • Better Focus at Work
  • Better Performance in Other Sports
  • Reduced Injury from Other Activities
  • And so much more!

You’ll move your body in a whole new way; based off of time honored Japanese techniques updated for modern day needs.Learn amazing self-defense moves such as striking combos, learning how to be prepared for an attack on an emotional level, and a whole bunch of neat ways to kick and move your body! No matter what your starting level is.

Kids have a blast with us & learn a TON! All kids’ classes are taught using the most safe, fun and exciting instruction methods. While learning how to set and achieve goals, your child will develop both physical and mental skills to help them be the best person they can possibly be! Some of our most popular lessons include: Children’s Life Skill Development; Self-Defense, Anti-Bullying, and Dealing with Peer Pressure; Fitness & Karate.

Students often report the amazing feeling they get when they are a positive influence on their family and society. This is also a great way for your child to get exercise, learn to succeed, improve their social skills and most importantly have fun!

Adults get in shape, tone up, and shed unwanted weight fast in our classes! Adult Classes are great for relieving stress, losing weight, getting in top shape, as well as learning self-defense.Beginner classes are just that… for total beginners. Some students start out without any experience whatsoever while others are looking for a stellar school to build upon previous experience with.

The great thing is that you are pushed to your limits by caring and passionate instructors whom judge you on one thing and one thing only – that you try your best for YOUR personal goals.

You will only ever be measured against yourself. No military style yelling or foul language, no harsh punishments. Just you at your absolute best based upon what you can do/p>

While on site, don’t forget to check out the classes page so you can read all about the class that interests you most! And don’t forget to check out the amazing web specials we have going on now. They won’t last long and classes fill up super fast.

If you have any questions or want to see the facility, stop on by. We’d love to meet you. All of our contact info can be found on the “Contact Us” page link above. For a little more insight into the vibe of our school, please read our head instructor’s bio below. See you soon!

Rick Vitali, Owner & Head Instructor - 5th degree Black Belt

Mr. Vitali has been teaching martial arts for over 30 years. Throughout the years, he has worked with many parents expressing how much his classes have helped their kids develop essential life skills in areas such as: Confidence, Self-Control, Integrity, Perseverance, Leadership, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Esteem and dealing with Peer Pressure.

In addition to the mental benefits of his establishment, students often applaud their physical development such as fitness, improving coordination, speed and agility through Mr. Vitali’s robust Martial Arts & Self-Defense curriculums.

Some of his favorite classes have been working with kids with special needs in partnership with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for several years.

Mr. Vitali has also served on the Board of Directors with Promise Place, helping families that deal with Domestic Violence, as well as helping women develop better protection methods through awareness and self defense.

What Our Students Are Saying

"Rick Vitali has been much more than just a Karate instructor to my family. Rick was a teacher, mentor, guide and role model for my son and daughter for more than 10 years. They are now both incredible young adults, and Rick was a big part of that. He reinforced the lessons my wife and I taught at home—things like respect, courtesy, hard work at school, and discipline. He is a trustworthy and honorable man. You will not find a finer person to help guide your child through not just martial arts and physical fitness, but life as well."

-Martin Hill

"Great karate school with a great instructor! If you are looking to boost your child's confidence and make them aware of their surroundings, Mr. Rick teaches them about stranger danger and how to protect themselves. Every Child needs this in today's society."

-Tami Floyd

I learned karate from Rick Vitali at "Vitali Family Karate" many years ago. He is an amazing role-model and I have so many good memories with him and his karate school. Highly recommended!

-Erico Jordano

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